『Meiji Fruit』 disappear in Japan market

Hello, this is Mami, a trilingual woman called "Tri-Jyo."

Here in my blog, I'd like to say good-bye to "meiji fruit",

which will disappear in out market anytime soon.



 What is "meiji fruit"?

"meiji fruit" will disappear on the first of April 2019.

The beverage first appeared in the Japan market in 1958,

which is Showa 33 on the Japanese calendar.


Since then, it has been loved as one of the regular drinks in "sento", 

public bathhouse, for as many as 60 years. 


As a part of precious Japanese food culture, 

I'd like to remember & introduce this historic beverage here in my blog,

as it has magical power to remind us of good old Showa Era.


Tri-Jyo tasted "meiji fruit"

My hobby is jogging. 

Yesterday I found "meiji fruit" in the "sento" I dropped by after jogging, 

and tasted it for the first time, paying 120 yen (about 1.1 dollars),

although I usually enjoy "meiji coffee."


The drink is also known as "fruit milk."

The taste itself was enriched fruit juice, rather than milk. 

As we can guess the flavor from its orange color,

I enjoyed its citrus taste. 


Tomorrow (the first of April 2019),

new name of the Japanese calendar will be announced. 

"meiji fruit" born in Showa cannot celebrate our new calendar, 

I'm very sorry to say this. 

Last, but not least

Although it hasn't disappeared yet as of 31st of March in 2019, 

"meiji fruit" has already appeared in the Q&A site. 

Its question is " Can I buy meiji fruit 180ml ?",

and needless to say, the answer is "No."


To everyone who feels sorry for "meiji fruit",

please wipe your tears,

as I, "Tri-Jyo", have already found a similar beverage for you.

Its name is "Meiji fruit 220ml", packed in PET bottle. 


We have to say good-bye to "meiji fruit" in glass bottle, 

but "meiji fruit" in PET bottle can celebrate our new era together. 

We  hope the new "meiji fruit" will make a historic achievement like its senior.

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